How it Works

Traditionally, alarm systems utilize POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) technology to transmit signals, thus requiring home phone service. Our systems utilize GSM technology. What is GSM technology? It is a wireless technology that transmits signals via cellular communication towers. What does that mean to you? It means no phone line is required and your system will provide better security because there is no phone line for intruders to cut.The control panel of the security system is equipped with a GSM cellular card, similar to a cell phone. No cellular agreement is necessary as the service is included in the monthly monitoring fee, which is $24.95 a month.

  • Award Winning Most Advanced Technology in the Industry
  • Better Security - No Phone Line for Intruders to Cut
  • Wireless Technology - No hard wiring needed
  • Interactive - Web Interface & Mobile Apps

Our systems utilize "smash and crash" technology, which will transmit a call for help if the system is smashed or tampered with. Here is how it works...when the system is armed and a door contact is tripped, the system immediately sends a pending alarm signal to the central station and the panel siren begins to sound. If the system is disarmed within the appropriate amount of time, the pending alarm signal is cancelled. Otherwise, if incorrect codes are entered, the system is not disarmed, or the system is smashed, then the pending signal becomes an alarm and the monitoring station will attempt to contact the primary phone listed on the account. If there is no answer, the authorities will be dispatched.

When equipped with glass break and shock sensors, an armed system will immediately transmit an alarm when glass breakage is detected.

Additionally, smoke and carbon monoxide equipment may also be purchased for your system, protecting your home 24/7 regardless of whether your system is armed or not. The smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring is included in the monthly fee.