Install cameras and alarms to protect your interior and exterior spaces.

Security Systems

Set up an array of cameras to watch over every part of your property.

Video Surveillance

Automatically alert emergency responders in the event of a fire.

Fire Monitoring

Let authorized individuals access your property quickly and easily.

Access Systems

Need Help Protecting Your Home Or Office?

Team up with our alarm monitoring company in Mandan & Bismarck, ND

You know how important an effective security system is. But there are dozens of options when it comes to alarms and cameras. If you need help designing a dependable security system, TS Security is here. Our security system installation company serves residential and commercial customers in the Bismarck and Mandan, ND areas. You can rely on us to install everything from alarms to cameras and monitor your system 24/7.

We do more than just install security equipment. We're an alarm monitoring company that can keep track of your system and take the proper steps if a threat is detected. With an affordable monthly fee, you can get advanced protection for your family, employees and property. Set up security services by contacting our alarm monitoring company today.

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Create a comprehensive security plan

Whether you're updating an old security system or scheduling a new security camera installation, you can create a custom security system that works for you. Our security services include...

Covering every area of your property with video surveillance camera installations that can be accessed remotely for immediate viewing, playback and recording

Installing cellular alarm systems that will transmit a call for help if they identify a threat or are tampered with

Protecting your property from fire with effective smoke and fire detection equipment and 24/7 fire monitoring services

Equipping your doors and gates with an access control system so you can choose who can enter your building

We're dedicated to providing security that keeps you safe and gives you peace of mind. You can communicate with our security experts whenever you have a question or concern. Call 701-222-8888 for a free estimate on an alarm system or security camera installation.

Make Sure Your Building Is Up To Code

Install a fire detection system that covers your property